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The Benefits of a Double Lock Cylinder Deadbolts

Jan. 15, 2021


A double lock cylinder deadbolt doesn’t have a knob to turn. Instead, the dead bolt is controlled on either side with a key, allowing you to lock and unlock it from the inside the same way you’d typically lock and unlock a deadbolt from the outside.

While this design may seem cumbersome at first thought, there are many benefits that come along with it.

High Security

Many entryways today are surrounded by windows or even feature glass inserts in order to maximize natural light. They can make for beautiful architecture and brighter indoor spaces, but this can also pose a security flaw. 

With entryways like these, burglars just have to break a single pane, then reach in and turn a standard deadbolt to unlock it, and they have access without needing to pick a lock. 

A double cylinder deadbolt, on the other hand, will thwart this entry plan as they require a key to unlock, even from the inside. This also means, if they can gain entry to the building in some other way — like through a window — more convenient entry and exit points (such as a back door) will still not be accessible for them. 

Improved Safety

We often see locks as a way to keep people out, but they can also serve a crucial role in keeping residents and employees safe in other ways. For instance, daycares, special needs schools, and in similar settings, a double cylinder deadbolt ensures that, when you lock the door, they will be kept safe inside. 

This added safety can also help thwart the escape attempts of young children, dementia patients, and other individuals who shouldn’t be able to unlock the door and get out on their own.

Versatile Functionality

One thing that often discourages someone from installing a double cylinder deadbolt is the thought of a quick escape that may be necessary in an emergency, such as a fire. However, if this is a concern, you can enjoy the versatile functionality of a double cylinder deadbolt, giving you peace of mind when you need it and high security when you’re gone.

For example, when there are occupants inside the building who need to be able to quickly exit, you can opt to leave the key inside the lock on the inside, essentially allowing it to function like a single cylinder deadbolt with a thumb turn release knob. Meanwhile, when business is done for the day or increased security is necessary, you simply remove the inner key as normal.

Should You Use a Double Cylinder Deadbolt? 

Double cylinder deadbolts are most useful when a thumb-turn (single cylinder) deadbolt will prove ineffective at keeping a door secure. This is most common when a door has panes of glass within it or right next to it, where a person could break the glass and then reach in to unlock the door and gain entry while calling relatively little attention to themselves. 

If you’re wondering what lock solution will work best for you, consult an expert for advice.