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Electronic and Automated Hands-Free Door Solutions

Dec. 15, 2020

High-tech, hands-free solutions are in high demand these days. With businesses pushing for more hygienic solutions throughout their operations, hands-free door hardware is a simple yet impactful change — and it can also improve convenience for your employees and customers. 

Push Plate Switches

Push plate switches allow a door to be opened at the push of a button, giving users flexibility as to whether or not they use their hands to operate it. Push plate switches are great for those with mobility impairment as well, proving that hands-free solutions offer a number of benefits that go beyond hygiene.

A push plate switch must be wired to the door and then installed on a wall nearby. All users have to do is push the plate — using their cane, hand, forearm, shoulder, foot, or whatever else they choose — and the door will open in response. 

Typically, doors that have push plate switches can also be used manually (i.e., by pushing on the door directly), giving users options when it comes to entering and exiting with ease and speed. 


SureWave from Cambden Door Controls removes touch completely from the door’s operation, which can offer an even more hygienic solution over push plate switches, although some users may need to take a second when they’re first introduced to this high-tech solution.

While we may not be used to seeing it everywhere, SureWave is a “wave activated” solution that simply requires someone to wave a hand in front of the touchless switch in order to trigger a door’s opening. The faceplates can be swapped out to better fit your preferences, with some featuring a round sensor and others featuring text with instructions (i.e., “Wave to open”). 

Wave Controls from Assa Abbloy

Assay Abbloy’s wave controlled door switches function much like the SureWave technology, with many faceplates to boot. Upon waving at the sensor, the motion-activated technology will open your doorway quickly, allowing for a truly touch-free solution.

Motion Sensor Controls 

Most of us are accustomed to motion-activated doors that open just upon us approaching them and these solutions are particularly useful in areas where shoppers or employees are likely to have their hands full. 

Most often, you’ll see this solution with sliding doors, although doors that open in or out can also be automated in this function, though you’ll need to remember to keep the area on either side clear at all times to account for the door’s automated opening.