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Hands-Free Door Opening Solutions

Oct. 27, 2020


Whether you’re just looking to improve the convenience of entering and exiting for customers who have their hands full or taking a hygienic step towards reducing shared touch surfaces, these hands-free door opening solutions will help you do it.

Electrical Solutions to Hands-Free Doors

If you have the resources to invest in an electrical hands-free door, take a look at these options, which offer flexibility, security, and ease of use for everyone.





Mechanical Solutions to Hands-Free Doors

If you don’t have the resources or capacity to install an automated door solution, that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue hands-free entryways. These mechanical solutions offer ease of installation and reduce touch.




Choose The Right Solution

Ultimately, the right solution for your business will come down to the budget and resources you have to devote to the project. But, no matter what course of action you choose to take, keep functionality in mind. In addition, if hygiene is a concern, you might consider getting door hardware that comes with an antimicrobial coating to limit bacterial growth.