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Mechanical Hands-Free Door Hardware Solutions

Dec. 08, 2020


With more companies switching to hands-free door hardware in light of higher hygiene and cleaning standards, it’s important to understand your options. While our minds might go straight to automatic doors and other electric options, there are actually a number of mechanical solutions on the market to consider.

Why Go Hands-Free?

Hygiene is one reason to opt for hands-free hardware, but the benefits hardly stop there. In addition to reducing the frequency with which surfaces are touched, and giving everyone the option to avoid using their hands, hands-free solutions also work well for:


In all of these situations, adding a hands-free solution will help everyone out. Plus, some of these options allow you to keep your traditional hardware in place, so people can choose whatever is most convenient for them. You can also select and combine multiple solutions (like a foot pull and a forearm pull) to give people options.

Why Choose a Mechanical Solution?

Mechanical solutions offer convenience and ease of installation, and they work even when the power is out and in places where you may not currently have electricity run to. This makes them versatile, quick to implement, and cost-effective.

Forearm Pulls

A forearm pull installs above the normal handle on a door, offering a hands-free solution for those who have their arms ready, but don’t want to touch a door knob directly.

Foot Pulls

Foot pulls can offer even more convenience at entry and exit points as they allow doors to be swiftly pushed or pulled open even if someone has their arms and hands full. These install at the base of the door.

Arm Pulls

Arm pulls are generally larger than forearm pulls, which can make them easier to use, although you’ll need to consider that they’ll stand out more if aesthetics is a concern. Arm pulls can replace a handle completely, or be installed above the handle, much like a forearm pull.

Forearm Sheilds

Forearm shields are another mechanical hands-free option, and they’re particularly easy to install. In fact, they require no new holes as these shields are “retrofitted” over your existing hardware. They typically come in the form of plastic inserts, which go over the back of existing door pulls. The result is a handle that’s now been converted into a hands-free pull, allowing people to use their forearm to open the door with ease.