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The Best Solutions for Door Security

Nov. 05, 2020


Door security solutions go beyond locks. The concept of door security goes further than just preventative solutions that help keep people out and expands to include backup hardware to reinforce your doors when shut, viewers that allow you to securely check surroundings, and more.

If you’re looking to improve door security at your institution, these solutions will help you do it at scale.


Whether you’re seeking a doorbell that can be manually pressed to signal someone’s desire for entry or a door chime that automatically rings, alerting you that the door has been opened, these devices can do wonders for improving door security at your facilities.

While truly simplistic in design, they are a great accompaniment to other security measures as the unmistakable ring or chime tells everyone that the door has been opened, telling you whenever some has entered or exited.

Door Viewers and Accessories

“Peepholes,” as they’re colloquially known, have become an ever more important aspect in door security thanks to their ability to allow someone to silently, securely, and inconspicuously check what’s happening on the other side of a closer door.


Modern door viewers only allow for one-way viewing, meaning they’d allow a teacher to look outward from their classroom into the hallway or allow people inside to check outside an exit without anyone being able to see in through them. Being smaller than an eye, they don’t compromise security, either.

Door Chains for Additional Security

Need to open a door but don’t want to risk forced entry? A door chain will allow you to open a door partially and with some peace of mind. These chain locks were found for decades on apartment doors and in other residential applications, and more robust versions are now becoming common for institutions that require new layers of protection.

It’s important to note that door chains are only a backup method of security and not meant to replace a quality deadbolt or other strong entrance lock. They can, however, provide added peace of mind and security.

Reinforcement Plates and Faceplates

When it comes to brute force security, investing in the right hardware is one of the absolute smartest moves you can make regarding effective door security. Of course, even the best lock could use some backup. Your entire door could be compromised in the event of a forced entry, which is why faceplates and reinforcement plates serve such an important purpose.

These plates may be installed on the door or even along the lip that the door closes into to provide more strength to the locks and hinges, helping to strengthen the entire door and work to prevent a forced entry.

The result? With the right combination of solutions, everyone will enjoy better peace of mind.