Mechanical Hands-Free Solutions


When it comes to improving the cleanliness of any facility, hands-free solutions quickly come to mind. With a wide variety of options from manufacturers, navigating possible solutions can be a daunting task.

When it comes to blending safe and economical options, our mechanical solutions can’t be beat. These low-touch or no-touch options are quickly and easily installed and follow most provincial/municipal COVID-19 protocols aimed at reducing touchpoints in operational facilities.

Arm Pulls

Easily installed, these pulls are designed to allow the user to their arms to pull open doors, protecting other users against the possible spread of germs. Designs range from simple pulls to pulls using plates for added durability.



Foot Pulls

Just as the name suggests, these mechanical solutions are installed at the bottom of doors and allow the users to use their feet to safely open doors.  These solutions come equipped with ridgid edges to allow for the best possible grip, alleviating the risk of losing traction while in use.

foot-pull foot-pull-over foot-pull-under


When these kinds of low-touch options are paired with proper cleaning techniques, facility managers and operators can mitigate the spread of germs while keeping occupants and visitors safe.